An Unexpected Love

Juan Vera’s smart, funny and hugely entertaining romantic comedy hit AN UNEXPECTED LOVE features two of Latin cinema’s most beloved stars, the superb Ricardo Darín and Mercedes Morán, as a long-married couple who are led to question the true meaning of love and desire after becoming empty nesters.

When Ana (Morán, NerudaThe Motorcycle Diaries) and Marco (Darín, TrumanWild Tales) arrive at the airport to farewell their son Luciano, who is leaving his Argentine homeland to study abroad, they are filled with certainty that they’ve done well as parents. However his departure leaves a significant hole in their everyday lives, and after more than twenty years of marriage, both reluctantly come to admit that their feelings for each other have shifted. So as if it were one last project together, Ana and Marco decide to ‘consciously uncouple’, and begin to explore the surprising and sometimes wonderful world of the newly-single, to hilarious and unexpected results.

This wonderful showcase for its two leads unsurprisingly stormed the local box office, becoming one of Argentina’s biggest hits of the year. Intelligent, warm and wise, AN UNEXPECTED LOVE is a sheer delight

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“Comedies like this are rare -- not just for the mature age range, but for the wisdom packed into the observation. It's a sophisticated comedy, born out of experience.”

Paul Byrnes - Sydney Morning Herald

“A fascinatingly talky, intelligent drama with comic moments. Apart from being beautifully mounted visually, it's also flawlessly acted.”

Lynden Barber - Limelight

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Tuesday 24 September
Deckchair Cinema

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Friday 4 October
Deckchair Cinema

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Thursday 10 October
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Juan Vera



Running Time

129 minutes


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Spanish with English Subtitles