Brothers' Nest with Clayton Jacobson

We welcome director Clayton Jacobson to present this screening of Brothers' Nest. Clayton will be engaging in a post-film audience Q&A

On a cold morning in the middle of country Victoria, two brothers arrive at the family home intent on murdering their stepfather Roger.

Terry and Jeff's motive is simple - killing their step-dad will render their dying Mother's plan to change her will in his favor redundant. A staged "suicide" has been meticulously planned but there is one thing the boys didn't take into account; spending theĀ entire day together.

Old grudges, different worldviews and a general troubled history will pit these two brothers against each other. 'Brothers' Nest' is a tragic comedy about family, loyalty and murder - because after all "blood is thicker than water".

The long-awaited follow up to Kenny, the breakout low budget Australian hit from the Jacobson brothers.

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“All of it is razor-sharp, darkly funny, and tense.”

“Brothers' Nest is a thriller cut from the Blood Simple cloth, recalling the more serious and stripped down work of Joel and Ethan Coen.”


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Thursday 5 July
Deckchair Cinema

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Clayton Jacobson



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98 minutes


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