Too Much Info Clouding Over My Head


Too Much Info Clouding Over My Head: Vasilis is a director in search of a film. His mother wants him to make a masterpiece, his wife wants him to make his own film and his producer wants him to make something - anything at all. He does his best to accept advice. He can’t. He tries to take orders. He can’t. He’s annoying and gifted – he’s a film-director. He decides to make a film nobody else may want to see.


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Firstly, this is the Australian Premiere! At Flix in the Wet... that's a big deal. Films can be hard if not impossible to get before being picked up by international distributors and premieres are usually the realm of International Film Festivals. We managed to go directly to the source, talking with the production company to get a copy sent from Greece to screen, no small feat! Produced on a shoestring budget, it's had a great reception in Greece winning Best Greek Film and the Greek Film Centre Award, and running up in the 'New Cinema' category at the prestigious Thessaloniki Film Festival.

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“It goes without saying of course that Woody Allen has been a major influence for me. I like to write, direct and act in my films. I think auteur cinema is the most authentic and personal cinema. I like having full control of my work; and this would be my advice to my peers who are making their first film: to enjoy this period of time, because this time of absolute freedom might not last long. It might be followed by more commercial offers in which you won’t be in control any more. For me, it is important to have control of your work in order to keep your artistic vision intact.”

Director - Vassilis Christofilakis

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Sunday 3 March
BCC Casuarina

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Sunday 17 March
BCC Casuarina

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Vassilis Christofilakis



Running Time

106 minutes


Country of Origin



Greek with English Subtitles