My Year with Helen

By any measure, Helen Clark is an exceptional woman. Her journey from one of four children on a remote New Zealand farm to becoming New Zealand's first elected female Prime Minister forms an outstanding and inspirational life story.

In 2016, she added an even more ambitious chapter, as she attempted to become the United Nations' first ever female Secretary-General. MY YEAR WITH HELEN gives a closely observed view of Helen's bid for the top job, as the UN turns itself inside out in an effort to deliver unprecedented transparency in an historic year. Gaylene Preston's cameras follow Helen Clark campaigning for Secretary-General while also carrying out her work as Administrator of UNDP, filming Clark in Botswana, Britain, Spain and Ukraine as well as the UN's New York headquarters.

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“There are delightful, unguarded moments.”

New Zealand Herald

“An entertaining and enlightening watch.”

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Tuesday 12 June
Deckchair Cinema

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Gaylene Preston



Running Time

93 minutes


Country of Origin

New Zealand