Stone Bros

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When Charlie trades Eddie’s favourite jacket, he unwittingly loses a sacred stone, entrusted to Eddie by his uncle, which he promised to one day return to its home in Kalgoorlie.

As far as Eddie is concerned, this is the final straw and he sets off the recover the stone and reconnect with his black fella roots. But Charlie, escaping the wrath of his vengeful girlfriend, forces himself along for the ride, and Eddie’s spiritual journey takes a very sharp turn off-track.

On a lonely highway, the boys pick up what Charlie mistakes for a ‘hot chick’ only to find they are landed with Vinnie, a self obsessed Italian stallion, who claims to have been marooned in the desert by his heavy metal band.

Soon after they are joined by Eddie and Charlie’s drag queen cousin Regina, whose dreams of making it big on ‘that Koori Idol show’ are being thwarted by her manager-cum-boyfriend.

What ensues is a riotous trip through outback Australia as the foursome encounter a host of eccentric character, attend a literally explosive wedding ceremony, conspire to hold up an outback museum and are pursued by a vicious demon dog.

Stone Bros. combines a touching story about the unpredictabilities of friendship and family with a road trip you’ll never forget.

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“With this film I'm hoping we give licence to all Australians to laugh with us, not at us behind closed doors.”

Richard Frankland, Director

“While the ebullient burst of rough-and-ready slapstick which delivers the message is far from a comic masterstroke, it does produce a rousing finish to this shambolic but irrepressibly good-natured film.”

Sydney Morning Herald

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Saturday 27 May
Deckchair Cinema

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Richard Frankland



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90 minutes


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