Time To Draw The Line + Jose's Story (short)

No freebies to the 30th July screening, sorry - it's a Sunday Fundraiser! All ticket profits go to Kadalak Film - an organisation currently working with young women and men in Timor Leste in filmmaking in need of funds to buy film equipment.

JOSE'S STORY (7min): One man's inspiring story of hope, resilience and survival amidst the brutal fight to free East Timor. A true story, brought to life through this short animated feature.

TIME TO DRAW THE LINE is a feature documentary highlighting the views of a diverse cross section of Australians on the vexed issue of maritime boundaries between Australia and its newest and smallest neighbour, Timor Leste.

Australia has negotiated permanent maritime boundaries with 5 different nations but it has yet to negotiate the last 1.8 percent - the boundary with Timor Leste. At issue is an area in the Timor Sea, rich in oil reserves. East Timor wants the boundary to be drawn at the median line, half way between the two countries. It sounds simple and fair - so why won't Australia agree?

The film combines contemporary anecdotes with an emotional search of Australia’s and Australians’ near century long connection to Timor Leste which reveals a chequered relationship of friendship and courage, mistrust and betrayal.

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“'Time to Draw The Line' is essential viewing for understanding how the extraction of resources has, time after time, usurped our morals.”

Damon Gameau (Actor, BALIBO)

“It’s fantastic. A strong argument, but also a terrific study of a period of history too. Congratulations, it is a very significant work on this issue.”

Robert Connolly (Director, BALIBO)

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Sunday 30 July
Deckchair Cinema

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Tuesday 12 September
Deckchair Cinema

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Fabio Cavadini and Amanda King



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58 minutes


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